Investment into businesses

Investment into businesses

London has ambitious targets for treating and minimising the waste generated by its households and businesses. In order to achieve these targets, LWARB has set up an investment fund to support businesses developing innovative circular solutions to minimise the creation of waste and to support the development of additional treatment capacity in London.

Investment is available to those businesses, primarily SMEs, that operate, or intend to operate, within London’s circular economy, have a robust, deliverable business plan and a strong, experienced management team. Capital is offered on commercial terms (no grants are available) alongside private sector investment, where a funding gap exists.

Capital deployment is flexible to suit business needs. Funds can be invested directly into businesses in the form of debt or equity, or into third party fund vehicles directly targeting the circular economy or waste infrastructure sectors.

Investment capital comprises monies from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and returns on existing investments. To date, LWARB has deployed £41m of investment capital, leveraging in a further £91m of private sector investment. Our investments have ranged from anaerobic digestion plants to plastics recycling, furniture re-use and a major commitment to the London Green Fund. All of our investment activity contributes to making London a more sustainable and resource-efficient city.

Our Investment Framework, covering the period 2015-2020 is contained here. LWARB is in the process of re-defining this framework, however, to support our strategic shift towards development of a circular economy. This will allow LWARB to support a wider range of circular business models, from start-ups through to mature SMEs. For more information on the types of investment likely to be available, please read What We Fund. The funding criteria is outlined in Apply For Funding.

For further information on LWARB’s investment strategy, please contact either:

Stuart Ferguson – Head of Investment ( or

Jessica Brodrick – Business Development Officer (