Willen Biogas Limited

Willen Biogas is developing a 27,000 tpa anaerobic digestion plant at its Cattlegate Farm in Hertfordshire, in the north of the London Borough of Enfield. The plant will treat food waste from households, restaurants, food industry and the hospitality sector mainly from London but also from Hertfordshire and Essex.

The plant will be capable of generating 1.5MW of power. The compost produced will be used as fertiliser by local farmers.

LWARB Support

Willen Biogas reached financial close 13 May 2014. LWARB invested £280,000 to fund development costs. The total cost of the project was £15 million. The majority of equity finance was provided by the UK’s Green Investment Bank under their UK Waste Renewable Energy Investments (UKWREI) fund and the Foresight Environmental Fund (FEF) which is partly funded by LWARB.

LWARB’s Objectives

  • Landfill Diversion
  • CO2 Displacement
  • Electricity Generation
  • Job Creation


Construction of the plant began in June 2014 and it is expected to be operational by spring 2016.