Invitation To Tender: Review of Circular Economy Policy for London

By 16/09/2020September 25th, 2020News, Tenders

This invitation to tender is issued by the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) (‘the customer’) for the provision of consultancy services (‘the contractor’). An individual (either a sole trader or a nominated individual from a consultancy firm) who understands policy issues relating to the promotion and creation of a circular economy is required to work alongside the Project Manager at LWARB.

Full details may be seen here 2020-09-09 CE policy mapping tender

Tender clarification questions must be submitted by 5.00pm 24th September 2020 quoting reference “LWARB tender:2020-21 08” to

Bids must be submitted by 5pm 28th September 2020 quoting “LWARB tender:2020-21 o8” to 

Further information

Annex 1 – Policy Mapping Stage Plan

Tender Questions and Responses ref 2020-21 08

LWARB Standard Terms and Conditions