London’s recycling rate increases for 2016/17

By 05/12/2017News

Defra has today released the UK’s waste statistics, showing an increase in London’s overall recycling rate from 32% to 33%. London is one of only three English regions to have improved their recycling rate this year, against an overall England recycling rate of 43.7%.

London’s increased recycling rate is underpinned by strong performance across the capital’s boroughs, with around 70% of them achieving improvements. In fact London is the region with the second highest number of authorities showing an increase in recycling performance, including three authorities in the top ten for the largest improvements: Ealing, Barking & Dagenham and Havering.

We’ve reduced our waste to landfill as well: London has the fourth lowest regional percentage of waste to landfill, and the second highest regional decrease since 2015/16. We also have five of the authorities with the lowest household waste generation per head, although overall the region continues to have the third highest regional residual household waste at 567kg per household. However this has decreased from 587kg in 2015/16.

Against this good news, it is worth remembering that there is still a lot of work to do – and Resource London will continue to work closely with waste authorities across the capital to help improve recycling rates.

LWARB also continues to deliver a wide range of activity to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the capital, with the goal of ensuring that London has the policies and practices in place to create a thriving, resilient city for the future. Embracing the circular economy could bring £7 billion of savings to London every year, create thousands of jobs and reduce waste by up to 60% across the capital.

Breakdown by waste authority

AuthorityType2012/132013/142014/152015/162016/17Change (% points) 
Newham LBCollection21.0%17.7%17.2%14.7%14.1%-0.6
Westminster Unitary21.7%21.1%19.1%17.3%17.4%0.1
Lewisham LBUnitary20.0%17.7%17.1%18.0%17.7%-0.3
Wandsworth LBCollection23.5%20.4%20.7%21.1%21.9%0.8
H&F LBCollection22.7%20.5%20.7%22.0%23.2%1.2
B&D LBCollection26.8%24.8%23.4%18.9%25.3%6.4
Camden LBCollection30.9%29.3%26.3%24.8%26.6%1.8
Redbridge LBCollection29.4%29.3%28.7%27.7%26.7%-1.0
Hackney LBCollection24.3%25.4%25.3%24.8%27.0%2.2
Tower Hamlets LBUnitary27.7%28.0%28.1%26.7%27.6%0.9
City of LondonUnitary36.4%38.8%34.4%30.8%28.5%-2.3
Lambeth LBCollection22.8%21.1%28.3%28.7%28.8%0.1
Hounslow LBCollection35.1%35.1%34.5%33.8%30.1%-3.7
Islington LBCollection31.4%32.7%32.8%29.4%31.6%2.2
Southwark LBUnitary30.4%34.3%34.6%35.0%34.0%-1.0
Waltham Forest LBCollection30.8%32.6%35.5%34.6%34.4%-0.2
Greenwich LBUnitary39.9%38.8%34.3%34.8%34.9%0.1
Haringey LBCollection31.7%35.8%37.3%36.2%35.7%-0.5
Merton LBUnitary38.9%38.9%37.5%34.8%35.7%0.9
Brent LBCollection42.5%40.8%35.2%35.8%36.4%0.6
Sutton LBUnitary36.5%37.1%37.6%34.7%36.5%1.8
Enfield LBCollection38.8%39.1%38.5%35.9%37.2%1.3
Havering LBCollection34.6%31.5%32.4%31.8%37.3%5.5
Barnet LBCollection33.0%36.4%38.0%36.8%37.4%0.6
Croydon LBUnitary44.3%42.2%39.9%37.8%38.6%0.8
Harrow LBCollection44.8%49.2%45.1%40.9%39.7%-1.2
Richmond LBCollection46.0%43.3%41.2%40.5%42.4%1.9
Hillingdon LBCollection43.0%43.2%43.8%44.1%43.4%-0.7
Bromley LBUnitary49.1%49.6%48.0%46.3%46.9%0.6
Kingston LBUnitary46.3%46.3%45.7%45.8%47.0%1.2
Ealing LBCollection40.6%40.2%40.1%43.0%50.7%7.7
Bexley LBUnitary54.3%55.2%54.0%52.0%52.7%0.7