Episode 4 Making recycling work for people in flats

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Episode 4 Making recycling work for people in flats
The circular economy playbook

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Circular economy and recycling

The ultimate goal of the circular economy is to redesign our current system so that the products we make can be used again and again. In a circular economy system, recycling is the last resort but an important one for ensuring that valuable resources can be recaptured in the most efficient way.
The latest research from our Resource London team shares insights on designing effective systems that better recapture resources from flats. People who live in flats recycle much less than those who live in houses. So, it is increasingly important to design effective resource management programmes that incorporate convenient and inclusive services for residents. Especially considering that over 20% of current housing stock in London are flats and the majority of new housing build will be high density properties.

This episode delves into the research results which provide rich insight into factors that influence levels of recycling in purpose-built flats and how to effect changes.

Visit the project page for the full report, and to explore additional resources including the toolkit and case studies.


With thanks to our contributors:
Becky Rowe – owner and head of research at Revealing Reality– a multi-award-winning social research agency. Becky is a leading practitioner of innovative research methods and is at the forefront of behaviour change insight and research.

Gemma Scott – manages the Resource London activity to improve recycling performance in London’s purpose built flats. Gemma is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 15 years in the industry working in and with local authority waste teams and the private sector.

James Glass – an experienced housing professional working for one the most well-known and established Housing Associations, Peabody.  As Head of Estate Services, James and his team of 200+ help keep the properties Peabody own safe as well as clean and tidy.

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