Tender CLOSED: Contamination hit squad

By 05/04/2019May 29th, 2019News, Tenders

The London Waste and Recycling Board is seeking a supplier for the provision of consultancy services to supply and manage a team of dedicated contamination officers for a pilot in London.

Full details of the tender are here: CHS tender final

Tender submissions must be sent to info@lwarb.gov.uk by 9.00am on Monday 29th April, with reference “LWARB tender: 2019/20– 01″

Any clarification questions must be sent to info@lwarb.gov.uk – by midday 18 April 2019



Q1 What is the available budget for this project? 

No budget has been set

Q2 Will the Contamination Officers be able to ride with the recycling collection crews? 

Unlikely as there wont be any seats available in the vehicle, so they will need to arrange their own transport – please include the costs for this under expenses

    1. If yes, how many seats are available?
    2. If no, will rounds be of a reasonably compact nature, i.e. a continuous geographic area that be covered on foot? Unsure at this stage as rounds haven’t been selected so please allow for costs for the use of a vehicle as mentioned above

Q3 What PPE will be required, e.g. safety boots, ballistic trousers, H&S inductions from depot supervisor?

We will require gloves if the teams will be lifting bin lids to carry out a visual inspection.

Q4 Can PPE be provided free of charge or should we factor this into our cost? 

Please factor this into your costs

Q5 Are you happy for us to use our existing supply of branded high visibility vests or supply your own/the boroughs supply their own  to avoid purchasing new ones? 

Happy to use existing as long as they are still within H&S standards

Q6 Ref: The contamination officers will record the addresses with contaminated recycling containers and identify what the contamination is on a web-based system, which will communicate with the call centre’s CRM system in real time. Therefore, if a resident called to complain their recycling bin had not been collected, the call centre staff would have a record of why and not record it as a missed collection.

    1. Will Resource London or the pilot boroughs be providing the electronic equipment to record the contamination (which will feed into the LA CRM) and what training will be provided in its use? Unsure at the moment so please include the purchase, maintenance and training of these within your costs
    2. Will the electronic equipment allow the Contamination Officers to see the addresses which have previously contaminated or will these lists need to be manually created and managed by the service provider? There will need to be the ability to do this so that the Officers will know if/how many times the property has previously contaminated, however, this detail of how this will be done has not yet been clarified

Q7 Ref: Third incident of contaminating (stage three) – repetition of stage one plus stronger worded follow up letter is sent warning the householder that their bin could be removed if they consistently contaminate. Where possible, the stage three letters will be followed up with a visit by the contamination officer to discuss contamination face to face with the householder.

    1. We would not expect to visit households whilst conducting the inspections as this could slow-down the team and hold-up collection crews, so when do you envisage the possible visit happening and what will happen if the Contamination Officers lack capacity for this within the working day? It is envisaged that monitoring will occur during the morning and contamination letters will be sent out during the afternoon. It is also envisaged that the Contamination Officers will work in pairs, so that any visits can be completed during the afternoon, fitting around sending out the contamination letters

Q8 Can you provide an estimate of the time needed (per person) for the administration of the letters to contaminating addresses?

Obviously this is very difficult to estimate as it will depend on the numbers of bins that are found to be contaminated. It is envisaged that the letters will be sent out on some sort of mail merge in order to make the process as fast and efficient as possible

Q9 Ref: Participating authorities will be asked to provide office space/computer/equipment etc for the officers to work.

    1. Will the Contamination Officers be able to work at the local authority as freely as a local authority employee or will they work as contractors with IT support required? They will work as contractors with IT supplied

Q10 Can you clarify the date of the inception meeting as both Monday 10 May and Friday 10 May are referenced?

Friday 10th May