Tender: CLOSED – Surveying kerbside properties within the London borough of Hackney to determine the potential for the provision of bins

By 20/02/2019April 5th, 2019Circular Economy, News, Tenders

The London Waste and Recycling Board on behalf of the Resource London programme and the London Borough of Hackney is issuing an invitation to tender for a survey to be carried out on kerbside properties within Hackney, to determine their potential to accommodate bins for residual waste collections.

See full details here: Invitation to tender – Surveying kerbside properties

Bids must be submitted by midday on 6th March 2019 with the reference “LWARB tender: 2018-19 17” to info@lwarb.gov.uk

Tender clarification questions must be submitted by midday on 27th February 2019 with the reference “LWARB tender: 2018-19 17” to info@lwarb.gov.uk


Q1: Is there a budget allocated to this project?


Q2: Will the Borough be providing the contractor with an extract of their LLPG, detailing all UPRNs that are to be within scope?

Yes, UPRNs can be extracted for the pilot study area. A contract needs to be signed between the contractor and the borough for the use of the UPRNs. The contractor’s licence will need to be in place to ensure the LLPG is used only this piece of work.

Q2a: Will this list show HMOs and the number of flats for each or is number of flats to be determined by the assessor?

HMOs are captured as 2 classifications:

    • HMO parent shell which have child records associated – here we can identify the number of rooms within the HMO
    • HMO no further divide – property is recognised as an HMO but unable to confirm number of rooms

This will be discussed further at the inception meeting

Q2b: For purposes of costing, are you counting an HMOs as one property?

Please indicate if there would be a separate cost for HMO’s as they may take longer to survey

Q3: Is there any predetermined deadline that this study must be completed by, regardless of how many households will be in scope?

ASAP! However, please be as realistic as possible with your estimated timescales. We also understand that the timescales will depend on the number of properties, so if it is easier for you to estimate number of properties per week for example, then please do so

Q4: Will the Borough be setting the criteria guidelines for suitability assessment?

Yes, but this can also be discussed/confirmed at the inception meeting

Q5: Are you happy for the price to be submitted in just two parts rather than in the bandings suggested, ie:

  1. a one-off project set-up cost, plus
  2. price per property surveyed

That’s fine, happy for you to provide as you see fit. The bandings were included in case there is the opportunity to get a ‘bulk discount’