CLOSED. Tender: Sustainable Office Fit Out Works

By 25/06/2018July 16th, 2018News, Tenders

LWARB is seeking an creative, innovative fit out contractor to design and undertake a sustainable fit out on circular economy principles for its new office.

The office will not only host the LWARB team but will also be a hub for circular economy innovation through the provision of co-working space for circular economy startups. The design and fit out of the space should facilitate a flexible, collaborative, activity based co-working environment, as well as being a vibrant and inspiring space for visitors.

Full details of the tender are here: LWARB ITT Office Fit Out Works REVISED 27.06.18

Please note the following clarifications have been issued:

LWARB ITT Clarification 1

LWARB ITT Clarification 2 (LWARB ITT – Site Photos)

LWARB ITT Clarification 3

Bids must be submitted by email to by 17:00 on 9th July 2018 with the reference “LWARB tender: 2018/19 – 7 Office Fit Out”

Any clarification queries must be sent to Jessica Brodrick, Business Development Officer – by 12:00 on 29/06/2018.