What we do

LWARB brings together London’s waste stakeholders and a range of partners to transform the management of waste in the capital. Our objectives, are:

  • the production of less waste;
  • an increase in the proportion of waste that is re-used or recycled; and
  • the use of methods of collection, treatment and disposal of waste that are more beneficial to the environment in London.

We achieve this through the delivery of three main programme areas:

  • Resource London: a programme of support for London waste authorities jointly funded by LWARB and WRAP;
  • Advance London: an investment fund to support businesses developing innovative circular solutions to minimise the creation of waste and to support the development of additional treatment capacity in London. Funds are partly allocated to the London Green Fund (LGF); and
  • Circular London: a three year programme aimed at accelerating London’s transition to a more circular economy through collaboration with the public and private sector and international partners.

The returns on the infrastructure investment fund enable LWARB to continue to invest in London in the long term, both in infrastructure, local authority support and other programmes.

For more info watch our Chief Executive, Wayne Hubbard, present at a recent Zero Waste Conference in Vancouver.