Circular London


LWARB’s Circular London programme is designed to create the conditions for the city to thrive through enabling and promoting circular economy across a wide range of stakeholders. With work areas ranging from corporate engagement, circular investment, policy development, business model pilots and demonstrators, SME business support, networking and community building and accelerator programmes for circular innovators, the programme has a broad remit to accelerate the circular economy in London.

As part of the Circular London programme, LWARB published a Circular Economy Route Map in June 2017 and then in 2018 launched its Circular London community as part of London’s first ever Circular Economy Week – which we’re delighted to be running again in June 2019. The community continues to grow and gather organisations in London to encourage collaboration and demonstration. To find out more about the community and Circular Economy Week, visit

Circular London also delivers investment and business support for London’s start-ups, SMEs and innovators, to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of the circular economy. The programme includes our world-leading Advance London business advisory programme, jointly funded by LWARB and the European Regional Development Fund; an investment programme designed to offer support to circular economy businesses at various stage of maturity; and our new Circular London Accelerator delivered in partnership with Carbon Trust, supporting circular innovation in the built environment sector.