In 2016 LWARB established a London Borough circular economy champions scheme. Through the scheme, three officers per year work to actively lead and promote circular economy thinking and practice within their organisation. Find out more.

2019 Champions
LWARB Circular economy champion 2019

George Brown
Environmental Programme Officer
Bromley council

Bromley Council Circular Economy Champion

My passion is climate change mitigation, and I take a keen interest in regional and national environmental policy. I currently work in the Carbon Management Team within the Environment department. Having recently declared its intent to go carbon free by 2029, we are currently developing mitigation and adaptation strategies with stakeholders across the council and borough. Previously, I have assisted in the recent tender and procurement of our environmental services. The agreements were the largest value contract ever awarded by the council.

Working with LWARB on the Circular Economy Champions scheme, Bromley is seeking to embed sustainable practices throughout its procurement process. By influencing our supply chains, Bromley can drive resource efficiencies. This will realise cost savings, protect our environment and support local businesses. We hope to set examples and share experiences in the drive for a more circular economy.

Camden Council Circular Economy Champion

From studying economics and environmental impact assessment I have always been intrigued by society’s struggle to ‘allocate scarce resources’. And, through my work life, I have become committed to the principle of improved resource management. As Head of Environment Services at the London Borough of Camden for the past 5 years, I have responsibility for materials management (domestic and commercial), environmental cleansing, enforcement and street markets. An environmental economist by training, I have worked across the materials management sector with the Greater London Authority, Keep Britain Tidy and as the Honorary Secretary for the London and Southern Counties Centre of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

Working with LWARB on the Circular Economy Champion scheme Camden aims to drive forward both thinking and practice in resource management linked to a more sustainable approach to living, particularly in an urban environment, where through design and planning there are huge opportunities to ensure systems develop to form a more cyclical economy.

LWARB Circular economy champion 2019

Richard Bradbury 
Head of Environment Services
Camden council

Sam Kirk
Environmental Services Strategy Manager
Hackney council

Hackney Council Circular Economy Champion