European regions toward Circular Economy project (CircE)

LWARB has been successful in gaining funding to support circular economy good practice and policy development through a 4.5 year INTERREG funded project called ‘European regions toward Circular Economy’ (CircE).

CircE comprises 8 European partner organisations: Lombardy Region (Italy); Government of Catalonia (Spain);  Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia (Poland); Province of Gelderland (Netherlands); London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB); Creation Development EcoEnterprises (CD2E) (France), Sofia Municipality and Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS).

The project aims to strengthen the dissemination of Circular Economy practice in Europe, consistently with the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package (2015). In particular the project aims to increase the capability of local or regional policies that support the development of  a circular economy. CircE aims to achieve this through: an exchange of knowledge and experience among partners; a continuous involvement of stakeholders; and through a deeper analysis of the local economic system.

For more information please contact Clare Ollerenshaw, Circular Economy Manager (