Working towards 65% recycling by 2030


Resource London

Resource London Circular Economy LWARB

Resource London is LWARB’s programme for London’s local authorities. Through it, our team of waste management experts work with London’s waste authorities providing them with specific, focused and tailored regional and local support to help them reduce the amount of waste London produces and to recycle more of what remains.

Activities and work streams

Resource London’s activities reinvigorate recycling efforts in the capital and support our work to accelerate the circular economy, ensuring that London becomes a zero carbon city.

And, it supports the development and implementation of a more consistent and efficient waste and recycling service. Helping to:

  • reduce the city’s waste footprint and reinvigorates recycling. Making a significant contribution towards the Mayor’s ambition for London to achieve 65% recycling by 2030; and,
  • making a significant contribution towards the UK achieving its 50% household waste recycling target by 2020.

Furthermore, it maximises the impact of the support it provides to boroughs by focusing on:

  • minimising the amount of waste produced and maximising re-use;
  • increasing and improving the capture of unavoidable food waste;
  • improving the yield and quality of dry recycling; and
  • restricting residual waste.

Support is being delivered through three work streams:

Service support

The programme provides support to single or multiple waste authorities. Assisting in the development and management of their services to drive efficiency, whilst maximising recycling performance

Behaviour change

The programme also delivers borough-level and London-wide communications support through our London Recycles, Small Change Big Difference, and #LoveNotLandfill campaigns, tailored for a London audience. It also supports WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste and Love Your Clothes campaigns.

Innovation and development

And finally, the programme develops expertise within waste authorities. It does this in order to reduce identified skills gaps and enable progressive solutions to be implemented through research and best practice.

Resource London was created as a jointly funded partnership programme by LWARB and WRAP in 2015 to help London’s waste authorities achieve recycling targets set by the Mayor of London and national government. The partnership concluded in March 2020 and the programme is now solely funded by LWARB.

Resource London replaced LWARB’s Efficiencies Programme.