Planning advice for new build flats

Currently, around 50% of London’s residents live in some form of flatted property, which can be a barrier to local authorities meeting recycling targets, often due to poorly designed waste management systems.

The London Plan projects that population growth will rise beyond that predicted in the 2011 London Plan, requiring an additional 1,000,000 households by 2036. It is likely that a large number of the required new homes will be medium to high density developments. A working group comprising members of the London Environment Directors Network (LEDNET), the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and London local authority waste officers identified a need for planning guidance for local authorities and the industry on how to effectively plan and design suitable storage and collection systems for waste and recycling from flatted properties.

LWARB and LEDNET commissioned a consultancy partnership formed by BPP Consulting LLP and SOENECS Ltd (SOENECS & BPP) to develop waste management planning advice for flatted properties. The overall requirement was to prepare a template policy, or policies, for planning waste and recycling storage and collection in new build flatted properties. The ultimate aim being to encourage waste management design which will help London achieve its recycling targets.

The conclusions of this work are available in the project report and include:

  • A template waste management strategy for developers to complete at pre-application stage – with the aim of encouraging them to consider how waste and recycling will be managed from within a resident’s home to disposal;
  • A template waste management policy – to be adopted by all London boroughs;
  • UK and International case studies of effective waste management in high rise buildings

See the reports and templates here:

Final report – Waste management planning advice for flatted properties

Waste management case studies

Template waste management strategy

LWARB LEDNET Template planning policy

Blank template waste management strategy

Textile theft: An evaluation of used textiles theft and bogus collections in London

The London Textiles Forum funded the Textile Recycling Association in collaboration with Clothes Aid and LM Barry to investigate textile theft from bring banks and door to door collections across London.

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