Audit Committee


The London Waste and Recycling Board has appointed the following members to sit on its Audit Committee from October 2012.

  • Cllr Bassam Mahfouz – Chair
  • Cllr Ian Wingfield
  • Barbara Anderson
  • Cllr Guy Senior
  • + 1 Vacancy


The Audit Committee’s main roles are:

  • To ensure the existence of financial systems, processes and procedures to maintain financial probity and control over the activities of the Board;
  • To liaise with the external auditors over their annual programme and to approve the annual internal audit programme;
  • To deal as appropriate with matters raised by the external auditors management letters and reports;
  • To deal as appropriate with matters arising from the internal auditors’ reports;
  • To review, approve and recommend for signature the annual report and accounts of the Board;
  • To review the Board’s risk register and ensure that satisfactory actions are being taken to mitigate identified risks;
  • To monitor administrative expenditure against budget.

The Audit Committee’s role is combined with that of a Finance Committee and a Remuneration and Staffing Committee.
This will include:

  • Review the Chief Financial Officer’s reports on the financial performance of the Board;
  • Reviewing routine financial and administrative matters on behalf of the Board;
  • Overseeing the establishment and implementation of the Board’s Pay Policy;
  • Approving any changes in the Board’s staff structure.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Audit committee meetings