Efficiencies Committee

The LWARB Efficiencies Committee operated from January 2013 to April 2015 and was responsible for overseeing the Board’s Efficiencies Programme.

The Terms of Reference for the Committee may be seen in the below.

The Committee comprised

  • An LWARB Board Member – Chair
  • 2 London Borough councillors nominated by London Councils
  • A London Borough Environment Director nominated by London’s Environment Directors’ Network
  • A London Borough Chief Executive nominated by the Chief Executives London Committee
  • A London Borough Finance Director nominated by the London Senior Finance Officers Forum
  • A Senior officer representative of the Greater London Authority
  • A Senior officer representative of the London Councils.

Current membership of the Committee is shown below.

The efficiencies committee’s main roles were:

  • to provide operational direction to the on-going development of the Efficiencies Programme;
  • to monitor the budget set by the Board and approve any budget changes within this and approve any items of expenditure above the COO’s delegated authority.
  • to be  the main conduit between London Boroughs and LWARB – it is envisaged that the Committee would invite a range of different attendees to these meetings so as to canvas a range of opinions, as well as galvanise activity, acting as a rolling Commission on the state of efficiencies in waste management in London, and;
  • to lobby and advocate for the efficiencies agenda in the capital.

Efficiencies Committee Terms of Reference
Standing Orders (2013)

Efficiencies committee meetings