Investment Committee

The LWARB Investment Committee under its current structure was established in August 2017 and it has responsibility for all advising the Board on new investment decisions, and monitoring existing investments. The Terms of Reference for the Committee may be seen below.

The Committee is made up of six members (three members of LWARB and three externally appointed members).

The investment committee’s main roles are:

  • To review investment proposals on behalf of the Board, taking into account the ability of such projects to fulfil the Board’s objectives.
  • To make recommendations to the Board, via the Chair of the Committee, on new investment decisions (including decisions on further investment into already invested projects) in line with LWARB’s Business Plan.
  • To provide advice to Officers of LWARB on financial structuring, portfolio strategy and finance documents.
  • To approve changes to LWARB’s position on particular invested projects if there is a material adverse change to an investment or commitment.
  • Overseeing the monitoring of approved / funded projects.
  • To report funding decisions to the Board.
  • To provide technical and policy advice to the Board on its investments and their respective performance.


Melville Haggard – (Chair) – LWARB Board Member
Barbara Anderson – LWARB Board Member
Cllr Bassam Mahfouz – LWARB Board Member
Steve Hacking – External Member
Charmian Love – External Member
Anna Hyde – External Member

See here for biographical details of members.


Please note that meetings of the Investment Committee will usually be held in private, as confidential information will be discussed.

Section 18 (2) and (3) of The London Waste and Recycling Board Order 2008 allow the exclusion of the public from Board and Committee meetings where confidential or commercially sensitive information is to be discussed.


Investment Committee Terms of Reference

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