Disbanded May 2020 – Resource London Partnership Board

Resource London was created as a jointly funded partnership programme by LWARB and WRAP in 2015 to help London’s waste authorities achieve recycling targets set by the Mayor of London and national government. The partnership concluded in March 2020 and the programme is now solely funded by LWARB.

The partnership maximised the resources of both organisations for the benefit of London and the Resource London Partnership Board was formally constituted as an LWARB committee which comprised:

  • Cllr Clyde Loakes (Chair)
  • Peter Maddox – WRAP
  • Victoria Lawson – London Borough of Hounslow/LEDNET
  • Ian Davis  – CELC / LB Enfield
  • + 1 Vacancy (LWARB)

Resource London Partnership Board Terms of Reference

Partnership board meeting