The London Waste and Recycling Board

The London Waste and Recycling Board was established by the Greater London Authority Act 1999 (as amended by section 38 of the GLA Act 2007), and Statutory Instrument 2038, The London Waste and Recycling Board Order 2008.

As well as the Chair, the membership comprises four councillors and two independent members nominated by London Councils and one independent member appointed by the Mayor of London.

LWARB promotes and encourages the production of less waste, the increase in the proportion of waste that is re-used or recycled and the use of methods of collection, treatment and disposal of waste which are more beneficial to the environment in London.

LWARB has a fund made up of money from central Government (DEFRA) and investment income to achieve these objectives.

The Board:

The voting members:

  • Chair of the Board: Mayor of London’s appointed representative
  • Four London Borough Councillors: appointed by London Councils
  • Two independent members: appointed by London Councils
  • One independent member: appointed by the Mayor of London

See here for biographical details of voting members.

The Board oversees all of LWARB’s activities.  The Board is able to establish any committees it chooses and delegate to those committees authority to act on its behalf. Current committees are show below: